As part of our science communication strategy, ReFINE is committed to making its research accessible to all to ensure that balanced and impartial scientific evidence-based research is available on the subject of fracking.

We provide information to a wide audience through publication of our Research Briefs and our researchers have carried out many town hall and public speaking events at local and national levels, such as those held by learned societies.   

We have carried out outreach on the subject of ‘subsurface energy resource exploitation’ to families and young children through a series of hands-on activities delivered by our experts during the Summer of 2019, in conjunction with the Dippy on Tour exhibition at the Great North Museum: Hancock.   As part of this series of outreach, we ran a competition to see who could design the best poster. 

Public Talks

The Earth Elevator

During our outreach work in the Hancock Museum this summer ReFINE, in collaboration with Tommy Howell, developed an animation to help visualise Earth’s resources beneath our feet.  Please click on our video to experience travelling through the subsurface in geological time encountering man-made structures and natural resources along your journey.  Starting at the near-surface, we will show structures and activities within the subsurface to help us understand:

  • How in the future could we warm our homes using low carbon heat sources?
  • How we currently use resources in the subsurface to sustain food production?
  • How there is a role for the subsurface in alleviating climate change?
  • Where some of our freshwater comes from?
  • What organisms live underground?