Latest ReFINE research

Man-made earthquake risk reduced if fracking is 895 m from faults

ReFINE Research on spills and leaks

The potential for spills and leaks of contaminated liquids from shale gas developments

Dr Shannon Flynn joins ReFINE

Analytical Chemist Shannon Flynn from Newcastle University joins the ReFINE research team

The Final M4ShaleGas Conference

ReFINE researchers attend the final M4ShaleGas conference in Krakow

Richard Davies provides expert opinion in BBC interview

Richard Davies talks to the BBC about Third Energy's Hydraulic Fracturing Plan

The Conversation

Prof Richard Davies comments on fracking guidelines

ReFINE Research on horizontal respect distances

Horizontal respect distance for hydraulic fracturing in the vicinity of existing faults in deep geological reservoirs

Argentina Shale Gas and Oil Summit

Building ReFINE’s global network, Sarah Clancy and Miles Wilson (both Durham University) are representing the ReFINE consortium at the Shale Gas and Oil Summit in Buenos Aires.

Knowledge Sharing Conference

ReFINE researcher, Yannick Kremer (University of Strathclyde), presented his latest research at the international conference held in Amsterdam.

Richard Davies provides expert opinion in BBC interview

Monitoring at fracking sites discussed on BBC North West Tonight

New Fracking Research Published

3 April 2017 - New ReFINE Research Published by Clancy et al., Durham University

Horizon 2020

Neil Thorpe in Horizon 2020 publication


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