Independent Science Board

As part of its commitment to ensuring independent research, an Independent Science Board (ISB) has been formed to oversee all ReFINE research. This board, comprised of impartial scientific experts from across Europe and the United States, will direct and oversee all research.

It is the responsibility of the ISB to ensure that research is accurate, relevant to the public interest, and free from any industry bias. Members of the ISB will not be directly involved in research, but will meet several times each year to review any material published by the workgroups, determine the focus of future research, and to advise on any ethical issues.

Professor Michael Bradshaw, Chairperson - UK

Michael Bradshaw is Professor of Global Energy at Warwick Business School. His backround is in Human Geography and he is a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society . His research focuses on the geopolitical economy of global energy and energy security.

Professor Marek Lewandowski - Poland

Professor Lewandowski is the director of the Institute of Geological Sciences in Warsaw, Poland. His research has primarily focussed on palaeomagnetism, palaeogeography and geotectonics.

Professor Ian Stewart - UK

Professor Stewart is currently professor of Geoscience Communication at the University of Plymouth. Areas of research include active tectonics and the human response to geological catastrophe. He is also credited with numerous television documentary appearances.

Professor Radoslav Nakov - Bulgaria

Prof. Nakov is deputy director of the Institute of Geology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and is President of the Bulgarian Geological Society.

Professor Anthony Ingraffea - USA

Prof. Ingraffea is director of the Cornell Fracture Group and the Cornell Center for Theory and Simulation in Engineering Practice. His research focuses on computer simulation of complex fracture models.

Professor Vitaliy Privalov - Ukraine

Vitaliy Privalov is a Professor in the Department of Geology at the Donetsk National Technical University, Ukraine, specialising in the geology of fossil fuels. His areas of interest include conventional and unconventional hydrocarbon deposits and reconstruction of tectonic and thermal history of sedimentary basins.

Professor Victor Mocanu - Romania

Prof. Mocanu is Dean of the Faculty of Geology and Geophysics at the University of Bucharest.

Professor Phil Macnaghten - Netherlands

Prof. Macnaghten is a social scientist specialising in enviornmental policy and sociology at the University of Wageningen. He has experience researching the societal issues surrounding controversial technologies such as GM and fracking.