Conference 2020

This event has been cancelled due to the Covid- 19 update

Subsurface Energy Resource Challenges

From subsurface uncertainty to regulation and policy

An interdisciplinary conference organised through a collaboration involving Newcastle University and the University of Pittsburgh, will be held in Newcastle upon Tyne (UK) on the 25 and 26 March 2020. Bringing together researchers from the US, the UK and elsewhere, we will share subsurface systems knowledge, scientific understanding of potential environmental and social impacts as well as the implications for policy and regulations.  The conference will deliver knowledge exchange across the following broad themes:

-         Geology and subsurface uncertainty
-         Public health and public policy
-         Environmental impacts and industrial innovation
-         The challenges around global sustainable energy

Professor Bernard Goldstein (University of Pittsburgh) will be the keynote speaker for the event.  In addition, there will an an opportunity to hear from leading academics, including Professor Richard Davies and Professor Anthony Zito from Newcastle University as well as Associate Professor Rosemary Capo. Professor Radisav Vidic, Professor Bruce Pitt and Professor John Keeler from the University of Pittsburgh.